Imagining Your Ideal You

This visualization helps balance the importance of loving yourself as you are with the goal of realizing your personal best.

Step 1: Sit comfortably, eyes closed and tune into your breath. Notice the sensations of breathing, the feeling as the air enters and exists your nostrils, the gentle rise and fall of the chest. Bring your attention to your heart center and imagine a peaceful, loving energy emanating from your heart and spreading into every cell of your physical body. Take a few breaths to allow that energy to infuse every cell of your body. Enjoy the sensation.

Step 2: Imagine yourself as you would like to be. This is not what you think you should be, but what you truly desire. Breathe into this image. Imagine that image with each breath. You are infusing this picture of your ideal self with light, love and energy.

Step 3: Now, imagine yourself, objectively, as you are now. Release any judgment of how you think you should be. You can use each inhale to infuse this image with love and acceptance, and each exhale to release any lingering dissatisfaction or judgment of your current form.

Step 4: Finally, call up both images – your ideal self and your present self. Invite them to merge. Watch as they blend together until you can no longer discern any difference between them. Breath loving energy into this image. Allow yourself to fully experience a renewed sense of joy and purpose as you come to a place of acceptance for both what is and what could be. Know that you are perfect now as you are despite all of your human imperfections. Know that you are a beautiful, unique expression of the divine.


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