5-minute LOVE MY BODY meditation

This simple, 5-minute meditation is a great way to relax your body, calm your mind, and grow more love and acceptance for your physical body. Enjoy!

Start by tuning into your breath. Notice the pattern of inhalations and exhalations, the sensations as the breath enters and exits your nostrils, throat, chest and diaphragm. Notice the depth and pace of the breath, without trying to change anything. Just be aware.

Next imagine that you are breathing in an incredible loving energy, into every cell of your body. For visual thinkers it might help to give this energy a color. For more kinesthetic folks you can imagine the way this energy feels as it enters your body- Is it warm? It is tingly? It may also help to think of someone that you have strong loving feelings towards like a child, parent, or pet. Visualize your love pouring out of your heart towards this person or pet and then imagine that loving energy boomeranging back towards your heart where you can drink it in with your next breath.

As you continue to breath you can imagine directing this loving energy to the areas of your body that are most in need. Or you can imagine sending this energy to each part of your body starting in your heart center and radiating outward into every cell of your body. You may notice that some parts of your body are more receptive to this energy than others. Make note of any areas of resistance but don’t try to force it. You will find that the more you practice this exercise, the more receptive you will be to the beautiful loving energy.

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